Spanish grammar direct and indirect object pronouns exercises

Q. Choose the correct translation for the following sentences. Remember: In Spanish, if there is an indirect object in a sentence you must also include the indirect object pronoun. Our parents are buying the tickets for us.May 17, 2018 · In sentences with direct object: Voy a enseñarles la casa - I'm going to show them the house. Les refers to "them", the people to whom I'm going to show the house. The house, is the thing I'm going to show, so the direct object. Another example, where the indirect object is not a person, but a thing: Le voy a poner una piscina - I'm going to put (to it) a swimming pool Object pronouns can, in turn, be divided into direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns, which takes us to the third question above. Deciding whether an object pronoun is direct or indirect can be a difficult task when learning a language like Spanish. You can put the indirect object pronoun, followed by the direct object pronoun, as two separate words before the verb. For example, Te lo voy a dar. I’m going to give it to you. You can attach the indirect object pronoun and the direct object pronoun onto the end of an infinitive. For example, Voy a dártelo. I’m going to give it to you.

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Here are the direct object pronouns and the indirect object pronouns . Direct Object Pronouns / Indirect Object Pronouns / English Equivalent. me / me / me. te / te / you (familiar) lo, la / le / him, her, it, you (formal) nos / nos / us. os / os / you-all (informal) los, las / les / them, you-all (formal) Note: When you have both a direct ...

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Recuerda revisar How to Use the Pronouns «Lo-Le-La» in Spanish si tienes alguna duda. Here are some interactive exercises that I have prepared for you to practice using direct and indirect object pronouns in Spanish. Remember to check the How to Use the Pronouns «Lo-Le-La» in Spanish article if you have any questions. Spanish Indirect Object Pronouns. The indirect object is someone or something affected by the action of the verb, but it’s not the main recipient of the action. Grammatically, the direct object doesn’t follow a preposition, while an indirect object comes after “to” or “for”. So the direct object is going to, or is for, the indirect ...

Indirect objects, like direct objects, can be challenging for students to understand. To ensure that students can successfully identify indirect objects before progressing to teach them indirect object pronouns and their position in a Spanish sentence, students should provide original sample sentences that they think include indirect objects. Here is an example of an indirect object pronoun attached to the end of the infinitive verb: Maria quiere comprar un pastel para Norma. (Maria wants to buy a cake for Norma) - Maria quiere comprarla un pastel. (Maria wants to buy her a cake) Now fill in the correct indirect object pronouns: Interactive Exercise 1. 1. Voy a dar este libro a mi ...

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